Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: How many loans can I have at once?

A: You can only have one loan at a time. Really, you shouldn't want to have multiple loans at once.

Q: What am I allowed to borrow?

A: You can borrow the smaller of $1500 and 25% of your expected gross income.

Q: What's your interest rate?

A: We charge 15% of the principal.

Q: If my loan goes into default, what will happen?

A: If your cheque bounces then we will charge a $25 NSF fee. Because of this, we recommend that you call us to let us know that your payment will fail so that we can cancel the payment. You will also be charged overdue interest of 16% per year, unless the rate of the largest bank in Nevada drops below 6% in which case we will charge that plus 10%.

Q: I'm on some form of government assistance until I can get back to work. Can I borrow?

A: No, you can't borrow.